Why do we need a laptop

Why do we need a laptop?

In a world that has been dominated by the persistent desktop PC and now the slightly more hands-on tablet approach to mobile computing, where do laptops still fit into the equation? You might be surprised to learn that there are actually several different ways that this kind of computer far exceeds its technological counterparts.




While tablets could arguably be just as versatile, this is one of the primary things that sets an advanced desktop apart from a laptop. The mobility and lightweight portability of these machines allows you to take your work to any place that it needs to go, and provides you an opportunity to modify your projects or to edit creations wherever you might be. This is completely impossible to do on a desktop computer, and without the operating system common to full computers, tablets cannot offer the ability to download programs meant to be used on tablets and desktops very easily.


Far More Speed and Storage

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While tablets might also boast mobility and ease of use, you are rarely going to find one with the kind of RAM or hard drive capacity common to the average laptop coming out right now. While there is something to be said about the tablet hybrids, adding in a detachable keyboard for a laptop feel, many of these are flimsy and fail to provide the same kind of dependability and durability you would expect from a traditional laptop.




Tablets might be more recently developing into laptop-like machines, but they are very difficult (and sometimes completely impossible) to upgrade. Normal laptops, are easy to upgrade even with limited knowledge in building computers. This means that when these mobile machines aren’t meeting your expectations anymore, you do not have to buy an entirely new one.


Larger Screen

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While there are undoubtedly screens that can be made very large for desktop options, they have already been sufficiently ruled out on account of their inability to travel. When you compare a tablet and laptop side by side, usually, you will find that the laptop has a bigger screen for you to see what you are doing. It might not seem like that big of a deal right now, but surfing the internet, you will inevitably come across sites that are not formatted for mobile devices yet. While the laptop is going to open these easily, your tablet is going to force you to look at the full desktop site and attempt to navigate pages with icons much smaller than your fingertip.


These are a few reasons why you still need a laptop, regardless of the expanding nature of technology right now. As of this moment, it has not advanced to a point in which the laptop can be officially ruled out, which gives you a strong argument for its purpose in the average computer users life. For those that are looking to have the decision made for them, most would consider laptops to be the best computing option for regular users right now.



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