MSI gaming laptop

Why are MSI gaming laptop the best according to gamers?

GT83VR Titan SLI Gaming LaptopEvery gamer knows just how important a powerful CPU is – however, it’s not the only thing that matters when you want to invest in a gaming PC. Along with a great CPU, RAM, and Hard disk size, you need the right GPU specs too.

It’s the GPU that powers the graphics of the games – and the gaming laptops from MSI seems to have it in plenty, offering you a top performing gaming system at an affordable rate.

MSI is perhaps the most well known for its range of gaming laptops, and is a gamers’ delight offering innovative features from mechanical keyboards to advanced cooling systems. MSI is also known as being one of the first companies to implement new technologies like the GTX 1070 GPU gaming graphics card, Silver key switches and more.

Gamers love their Dragon Centre software, which lets them to tweak the performance of the system and modify their lighting. MSI also has been the only company which backs all of their gaming laptops with two years of damage protection which is at no extra cost.


The Top Features of MSI Laptops

MSI has been the most favored laptop by gamers. If you are wondering why; here is the answer.


A Stunning Design Gamers Fall in Love With – Time and Time Again!

MSI has a gaming laptop For each and every one whether it is big or small, thick or thin. Irrespective of the weight and size differences, MSI’s gaming laptops have a common design theme. The theme is black aluminum frameworks with white and red accents. This common design theme used by them across all their laptops gives a differentiation factor than other companies.


The Amazing Display

The MSI laptops are filled with vivid high displays. The gaming laptops of MSI produces a 115 percent of sRGB color gamut on an average, offering you the choice to experience your favourite games with stunning clarity.


A Keyboard Meant For Gamers

Mechanical keyboards are a gamer’s paradise – and with the Cherry MX Silver switches introduced n 2017, MSI has just gone a step further. The Titan gaming laptop is also the first laptop in the world to offer RGB LED backlighting which allowed gamers to customize the program where every single key can flash any of the 16.8 million colors that were available.

MSI also ensures that most of their laptops have programmable hotkeys and backlighting. Other than the keyboards looking pretty, they are the epitome of comfort. It has a 2,4mm and a 64g average.



You would find the MSI’s Dragon Center app across all MSI laptops. This is filled with many features which are designed to increase gameplay and system performance – and you could tinker with the clock speeds and fan to better the gaming performance.

It doesn’t stop there. Gamers can also customize the sound using Nahimic Audio 2 software. This means that all the audio from the games is crystal clear and loud. The Audio Launchpad turns the keyboard into a soundboard by allowing the gamers to map the sound effects on to the keyboard.


GT72S Dominator Pro


MSI gives the option to gamers to avail their free accidental damage protection provided they register for it within 30 days of purchase of this laptop. It is a huge benefit for the gamers and it is the only company offering this option. This warranty does not get void if the gamers decide to upgrade their storage or RAM.

Some of the Things to Love About MSI Laptops


  • You have an extremely stylish choice here – fall in love with the flashy designs and RGB lighting
  • With its latest i7 quad-core processors, it is deemed to be the best in performance.
  • Comes equipped with the latest NVIDIA graphics card and some models have a humongous 16GB DDDR4 RAM – it doesn’t get better than this.


Final Verdict

MSI has always given the gamers top-notch gaming laptops with powerful performance, innovation and customization options offering gamers with a sense of exclusivity. 2018 promises to be another year meant for MSI gamers – have you thought of getting one for yourself yet?

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