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5 Tips to Consider before Buying the Best Motorcycle Headphones

Being a motorcyclist is such a costly thing, but there’s nothing that can stop motorcycle passionate. In fact, the sensation of riding a machine at a fast speed on the deserted highway is beyond description.

Although motorcycling is fun, riders should buy the necessary tools to enjoy the adventure to the fullest. Protective equipment is a must-have for every cycle user. Accessories like gloves and helmet are paramount for practicing this activity.

There are other accessories like a set of earbuds that can’t be missing in a pure motorcyclist’s gear. But selecting the right-sized earbuds is a little-complicated considering that they should fit well under the helmet. And besides that, these tools should be durable enough to withstand extreme conditions they will be exposed to.

Luckily, some bloggers have a dedicated time to shortlist all of the motorcycle headphones and here’s a list of them.

The top things to consider before buying the best earbuds for motorcycle riding

Do factor in the following before making your final choice.


Sena Headphones for Motorcycle RidingSince you will be riding a bike, you need to be as comfortable as possible with your earbuds. You will find s-shaped earbuds that will settle deep into the ear canal and not cause a problem when you try to wear your helmet.

If you want to ensure absolute suitability, then you can even go for custom molded earbuds which will be made taking your ear shape and size into account. As a result, your ears will be entirely shielded.

Noise blocking:

Unless your earbuds can cancel outside noises, it is not worth your money. When you are choosing earbuds, be sure to check its sound blocking features.

The gushing wind and loud engine sounds can do significant damage to your ears, and the buds should protect you against it. Moreover, you will have a better overall riding experience if you do not have the wind shrieking in your ears all the time.

Advanced Features:

Most earbuds have inbuilt Bluetooth and voice command nowadays but do check once before you make the purchase.

  • You will be able to listen to music and receive calls with lesser risk. Moreover, some earbuds also have intercoms which are a big help when you are riding in a pack.
  • Go in for a professional choice.
  • You might want one that comes with a dynamic micro driver. Check the color choices for one and see if it’s right for you.
  • You might want your headphone to provide professional monitoring or an efficient isolating system which blocks up to 37 decibels of external noise.
  • Once it is blocked up, there’s no way it can interfere with your listening experience, wherever you are.
  • Go in for a lightweight option.

You need one that is far from being bulky. Perhaps get one whose anatomic shape permits it to fit in the ear without difficulty. The cable that you need your earbud to have has to be durable and customizable.

What are the choices available?

Motorcycle Helmet Intercom

Some headphones tell you that there are three or more sizes available and has the mechanism that slows it to rotate for the better fit. Some even offer you volume customization plus size personalization. Additionally, they have a design that allows the secure storage, and it comes with a nifty case that includes a soft sipper.

Decide what you want.

This is far from easy. A motorcyclist should seek for a piece of technology that helps him optimize every hearing aspect. This case, as you will be riding your bike, you shouldn’t look for things like storage, cores or day-long battery life. Instead, you should focus on the weight and the affordability. The best earbuds for motorcycling doesn’t include everything, so disabuse yourself of the all-in-one product.

Using Headphones on a MotorcycleFor motorcycling earbuds, there are factors you should prioritize before buying; however, the sound quality is not one of them. Portability is probably the main feature of a right earbud for this purpose and the second one is, undoubtedly, the price. In this case, you shouldn’t tug towards a quality of sound so much. Earbuds are mostly utilized for protection rather than for fun.

Learn the basics

It is essential to become familiar with the different models, shapes and earbud brands in the market. For most users, over-ear headphones are not suitable for this kind of activity because they are relatively more massive while earbuds offer a higher degree of portability as well as an outstanding weight.

The best earbuds for motorcycling do isolate external sounds but not entirely. Some people believe that there’s nothing better than selecting a high-end noise-canceling earbud but that’s not true because too much noise-cancellation is not safe.

Try to buy a device that delivers excellent sound quality, clear enough that you can listen to your favorite tunes without difficulty. Not all earbud models provide top-notch performance. Ask about the design because this feature is closely related to the actual performance of it.

Most people stay with a specific model thinking the world of it. But it is recommendable to concentrate on the best models. Ask your friends which model they view as the best and most suitable for motorcycling. Each one’s experience is different, though.

Prioritize durability. Keep in mind that you will be using this product during rides up and down slopes. The best earbuds can last up to two years depending on use. And again, this sort of high-tech device is not designed to isolate you from the surrounding world.


If you are a biker, then you know that there is no end to making your motorcycle experience better. After you buy your dream bike, it is time to buy the additional equipment and accessories which will help you have a good time as you are driving down the road.

Earbuds are a necessary addition to your collection. At first, you will be confused by the vast variety that is available in the market, but after some research, you will zero in on the best earbuds for you.

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