Magazine Bead Headphones

DIY Magazine Bead Headphones

Personalize your ordinary black headphones or ear buds by decorating the cords with recycled magazine beads. This project is perfectly suited for adults as well as children, as children will love showing off these headphones that they made themselves.

First, choose a magazine or catalog with colors that suit your tastes. For example, gardening or home decorating magazines may have softer colors than gossip magazines, just as an adult clothing catalog will likely have more muted shades than a teen clothing catalog. You can easily substitute other papers as well; try using newspapers, old book pages or used computer paper for a slightly different spin on the project.

Tear or cut out a page from your chosen magazine or catalog that displays colors of your choosing. Use scissors to cut a tapered strip from that page. You may wish to use a ruler to draw a guideline on which to cut. Make sure the widest end of the tapered strip is just as wide as you’d like the finished bead to be. The taper can be as subtle or as severe as you like depending on how distinct you would like the layers of your bead to be.

Use a glue stick to coat one side of the paper strip. Wrap the strip, beginning with the widest end, around the headphone cord. Make sure the glue-covered side of the paper is facing out as you wrap so that you don’t accidentally make your headphone cord sticky with glue.

Continue to make more beads as necessary to fill the length of the cord. As you make more beads, you may wish to vary the widths of the beads for a more randomized appearance or to more easily fill the length of the headphone cord; beads of all the same size will create a more uniform look. Varying colors can also achieve a similar effect.

Another easy do-it-yourself option for putting a creative twist on ordinary black headphones is making a set of friendship bracelet headphones.

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